Tyler Rechargeable Ring
Tyler Rechargeable Ring
Tyler Rechargeable Ring

Tyler Rechargeable Ring

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Enter a realm of heightened intimacy with Tyler, the flexible penis ring crafted to enhance both your pleasure and your partner's. Tyler boasts innovative characteristics that are set to transform your sexual experiences. From its ribbed design and flexible ring to its five stimulating vibration settings, Tyler is the key to unlocking new levels of satisfaction. Are you prepared to turn your intimate moments into a harmonious symphony of pleasure? Tyler is ready and waiting for you.

Tyler is designed with a textured head that ensures heightened sensations for your partner. Every motion creates a masterpiece of pleasure, crafting a memorable journey of mutual bliss.

Engage with 5 unique vibration patterns and 5 levels of intensity. Whether you prefer a gradual build-up or an intense rush of feelings, Tyler responds to all your desires.

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