Duo Kegel Balls
Duo Kegel Balls

Duo Kegel Balls

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These duo kegel balls are expertly crafted to perfectly fit and delight your most intimate inner spot. This incredible toy is specifically designed to heighten your sensual pleasure and strengthen your pelvic muscles. Made from a durable and safe ABS material, these silky smooth balls are inspired by ancient Chinese sex toys. With a size of 1.25”/3.25 cm, each ball will provide exquisite stimulation and arousal with every single motion.

They are designed with utmost comfort in mind, making insertion and wear a breeze. They have a perfect weight that adds to the pleasure. These spherical balls are connected by a retrieval cord, ensuring easy removal. Inside the smooth balls, there are free roaming spheres that move in sync with your body's movements, creating delightful tingling sensations. Not only do these balls bring pleasure and ecstasy, but they also help in toning and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

The duo kegel balls are specially made for beginners, featuring a smooth texture and ideal weight for a pleasurable experience. Use a good lube for easy insertion, then feel the delightful sensations as you move. When you're done, simply pull the retrieval cord to remove the balls. Keep them clean with a toy spray cleaner for lasting enjoyment.

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