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Superior Stroker

Superior Stroker

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This male stroker will give you orgasms with intensities that are almost too much to bear. Let's explore together on how it helps you achieve this. The super soft love chambers are made from iconic X5 materials formulated in 2008. It has been the cornerstone of best selling strokers.

Now, let's enter the first chamber. We call it the stroke power chamber. This chamber creates a light suction mimicking pursed lips sucking at your penis. Second, we now enter the pleasure balls and nubs chamber. This chamber has soft little orbs and nubs strategically positioned to envelope, caress, and squeeze at your hard shaft. The nubs undulate in harmony with your penis as you stroke in and out. Now, finally we enter the main orb chamber. As your penis head enters it is softly rubbed and squeezed. You will especially feel this as your orgasm when your head is at it's most sensitive. While all of this is happening you can utilize the squeeze panel. You are in full control where on your penis you want to squeeze and how much you want to squeeze. Imagine, all of these incredible and unique sensations are all happening to your penis everywhere, all at one. Your orgasm will be so intense you will find you might want to back off lest you pass out from pleasure.

The flip open design will accommodate thicker penises. And makes cleanup quick and simple. The smooth canister fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and has a good weight on it. To use, twist off green ring, then twist off black cap. You can opt to twist back on the green ring for a snugger fit and increased suction or keep it off if you are thicker than average.

Apply your favorite water based, silicone or hybrid lubricant. Never use with petroleum or oil based lubes, greases etc as it will break down the material. When done, twist off the green ring, flip open the canister and rinse clean with soap and water. Pat dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Air dry then twist cap and ring back on.

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