When it comes to exploring new avenues of sexual pleasure and indulging in experimentation, penis plugs and urethral sounds have gained significant popularity. Many men turn to these tools to enhance their sexual encounters and unlock heightened levels of satisfaction. The versatility of these toys knows no bounds – they can be utilized for solo pleasure, intimate moments with a partner, role-playing adventures, medical fantasies, and countless other imaginative scenarios. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, it is important to familiarize yourself with their functions and learn the best approach to incorporate them into your sexual exploration.

What's the difference?

It's important to understand the distinction between penis plugs and urethral sounds. Both are used for urethral play and inserted into the penis, but their functions and usage differ. The main difference lies in the sensations they provide. Penis plugs are generally shorter and smaller, making them perfect for beginners. However, they come in various shapes and textures, allowing you to explore different sensations. For instance, you can opt for textured plugs to enhance stimulation or flexible plugs for maximum comfort. Additionally, there are plugs with glans rings, hollow options, and solid plugs for your enjoyment. On the other hand, urethral sounds are typically longer toys designed for deep urethral play. These toys resemble the instruments used by doctors during examinations. Many sounds are smooth yet powerful, and some even have a curved shape to fit the natural curves of the urethra. This allows for deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage.

What are the features of Penis Plugs?

Penis plugs are often seen as a fun accessory that can be inserted into the urethra for sexual pleasure. They can enhance sensitivity, strengthen erections, and intensify orgasms. Additionally, they offer a way to mimic the appearance of a Prince Albert piercing without the commitment of a real piercing. These toys are small and short, making them perfect for beginners exploring urethral stimulation.

Penis plugs come in many different designs. The basic form is a smooth, slightly tapered metal plug made for insertion into the urethra. Other designs aim to increase arousal and secure the plug in place, like textured plugs, flexible plugs, vibrating plugs, or plugs with a glans ring. The ring serves a dual purpose of keeping the plug in place securely and enhancing pleasure by making the penis more sensitive. Some plugs have a "cum through hole" for easy urination and ejaculation, while others are solid to prevent fluid expulsion.

What are the features of Urethral Sounds?

In medicine, urethral sounds are commonly used to widen the urethra for medical procedures and tests - these tools can also be used for sexual pleasure. Many men enjoy the sensation of their urethra being stretched and stimulated, which is why urethral sounds are a popular choice for those looking for more exciting sexual experiences. Urethral toys are generally longer than penis plugs, with some designed for regular play and others ideal for deep exploration and prostate massage.

Urethral sounds are sometimes designed with a curved end to provide prostate stimulation. These sounds are longer and thicker compared to plugs, allowing them to be inserted deep into the penis and reach the urethra or even the bladder for those who enjoy intense urethral play. They are commonly used in medical role-play scenarios.

 How do you choose a size?

If you're a beginner and trying this for the first time, it's recommended to start with smooth, hollow plugs and urethral sounds. These toys are perfect for beginners as they offer a gentle and comfortable experience. It's important to choose urethral toys that are relatively short and thin until you become more familiar with the sensation. Once you gain some experience, you can explore toys with more texture.

What Penis Plug Size is best?

If you're new to penis plugs, the best option for you would be a small-sized, solid, and smooth plug. It's important to note that you shouldn't wear it for long periods initially. This is because you need time to become accustomed to the sensation of being stretched and filled. By choosing a smooth plug, you can ensure a comfortable experience without any harm to your urethral walls, making it easier for you to adjust to the new feeling.

Don't forget to take into account the width of the plug. There are starter plugs designed specifically for beginners and those who enjoy light urethral play. Typically, a smooth, thinner plug (no thicker than 0.25-0.3 inches) is recommended for new users. Just be cautious not to go thinner than that, as a toy that is too thin can be sharp and challenging to handle for beginners.

For beginners, it's recommended to start with a shorter plug, around 1.5-2 inches in size. This is perfect for those new to using penis plugs. Once you feel confident with smaller plugs, you can gradually transition to longer ones. As you gain more experience wearing a penis plug, you can experiment with thicker plugs that have textures, central holes, and other enhancements.

What Urethral Sound size is best?

When it comes to urethral sounds, it's important to remember that they are designed for deeper urethral stimulation and are longer in length. To ensure a comfortable experience, it's crucial to take it slow and only insert as much as you feel comfortable with. When selecting a size, opt for the thinnest sounds available and gradually work your way up. Start with a thin sound or choose the thinnest one from a kit.

How do you use Plugs and Sounds?

The shape of penis plugs and urethral sounds is usually straightforward and user-friendly, so you won't have to worry too much about how to use them. However, it's vital to take your time and let your urethra stretch naturally as the toy slides in.

Ensuring safety is key for the ultimate experience, so be sure to use clean and sanitized toys, and take your time. Don't forget to thoroughly clean both your toys and your body before trying to insert a plug or a sound. Consider asking your partner to sanitize their hands or wear surgical gloves when inserting the plug or sound into your urethra. Additionally, remember to use a lubricant. It's important to have a high-quality, sterile lube for this process. Do not use saliva! Apply a generous amount of lube to the opening of the penis and you can start the insertion.

It's recommended to have a soft penis for a more comfortable experience. Gently hold your penis with one hand and start inserting the plug or sound slowly. Make sure to instruct your partner to do the same if they are assisting with the insertion.

When inserting, it's important to stay calm and not resist. Your urethral muscles may naturally try to push out or block the plug or sound. However, try to relax and resist the urge to fight against it. Instead, let the weight of the toy gently guide it into the urethra slowly. Keeping the penis vertical can also benefit from gravity during insertion.

Make sure you are comfortable once the plug or sound is in place. This is the moment to test it out by stimulating your penis. You can also involve your partner in the process. Experiment with gentle strokes to see how it feels. Some men enjoy the sensation of the toy sliding in and out of the penis, while others prefer to keep the plug or sound inside during masturbation. When you feel ready, you can try experiencing your first orgasm with a penis plug or sound.

Once you've tried it out for the first time, feel free to explore different options to discover what suits you best in terms of urethral stimulation. As you become more comfortable, you can gradually transition to more advanced penis plugs and sounds for a heightened experience.

Note - If you use a urethral sound with a curve, wait for your erection to go away before taking it out.